PETITE Byzantine Bracelet Kit - Your Pick of Color Mixes - Very Feminine Chainmaille


This traditional Chainmaille pattern is a fun and rewarding project for new Chainmaillers as well as experienced jewelry makers! The Petite size makes a unique bracelet that you will be proud to wear or give to someone special. Our handmade jump rings are all non tarnishing, so this will always stay bright and shiny!

We have included enough of our handcrafted jump rings to make a bracelet up to 8 1/2 inches long. A hand wrapped one or two tone matching clasp will be included.

Bracelet Kit
Bracelet Kit with Printed Tutorial
Ready Made Bracelet

Color Choices;
Brown with Silvered Blue (pictured)
NT Silver Plate and Peridot
NT Silver Plate and Rose Pink
NT Silver Plate and Rose Gold Color
NT Gold Color and NT Silver Plate
NT Gold Color and Rose Pink
Custom (Choose two colors from over 40 available)

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Materials: made in the usa, does not contain nickel or lead, handcrafted wire clasp.

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