Rainbow Blue Shaggy Beaded Bracelet Kit Features Miyuki Glass Beads - Great Beginners Project

SKU: RainBlueShagBrace-1
The Miyuki glass fringe beads in this Shaggy Beaded Bracelet feature a rainbow of blues reflected in clear rainbow beads! The bracelet is a perfect compliment to cool weather outfits and can be worn alone or stacked with more bracelets for a bigger impact!

These high quality beads dance and sparkle from the classic chain made from my finest custom handmade enameled copper silver plated rings. This kit includes all of the components you need to make this dazzling bracelet up to 8 1/2 inches in total length plus spares of everything. I will also tuck in a pair of matching handmade silver plated ear wires so you can make a pair of short shaggy earrings with the extra beads and rings!

♥You really can make this! It's a perfect kit for a beginner but it is rewarding for more experienced jewelry makers too! 

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