Shaggy Beaded Bracelet Kit- Autumn Hues - Custom Colors - Beginners or More Advanced

SKU: AutmShagBrac-1

This beauty will remind you of shimmering autumn leaves on a bright crisp morning. The kind where you can see your breath for the first time in months and the coolness is invigorating! Think how great they'll go with a sweater set for chilly weather.  Countless shimmering Miyuki glass fringe beads dance and sparkle from the classic silver chain. And, you made it!   You'll be amazed how quickly you'll have fabulous new jewelry for cooler weather wear!

♥♥Would you like to make this bracelet in another color metal or with different color Miyuki Glass Fringe Beads? Contact me and let me know what you have in mind.


INSTRUCTIONS - You Pick Printed, Instant Download pdf or none!

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The Instant Download Instructions can be found  here
I sell my Instructions and Kits separately so that you can buy more than one kit and not have to pay for the instructions over and over.


♥♥You CAN make this! These are perfect kits for a beginner and yet rewarding for more experienced jewelry makers too! 


♥ The stunning matching necklace kit can be found here


♥Teaching a class? Contact me about volume discounts.

This is lead compliant and does not contain nickel. The wire that I use to make my hand crafted jump rings is Made in the USA.