Silver Filled Ear Wires - Perfect Sterling Alternative - 10% Sterling Bonded to a White Brass Core - Stylish 3 Pairs

SKU: EWsilvfill

These 3 pairs of Silver Filled Stylish Ear Wires are perfect for the jewelry designer who is looking for the perfect alternative to Sterling Silver.

They measure 18mm X 11mm and are made from 20 gauge Silver Filled Wire.

What is "silver filled"?
-meets the same legal requirement of "gold filled" as it is 10% st

View View on websiteerling silver which is bonded to a white brass core...this is 30x's thicker than any silver plate
-it is half hard and will work harden
-the white brass core is barely noticeable
-tarnishes, oxidized, polishes just like sterling silver
-can be hammered, soldered, textured
-has the identical look and feel of sterling silver
-is half the price of sterling silver
-is Made in the USA

I have been looking for alternatives to solid sterling silver every since it went over $20 an ounce. I offer several; stainless steel, fine silver with a copper core and now Silver Filled.

I have tried other silver filled wires and found them to have: visible copper core, soft, thin coating, inconsistent sizing, fragile.  The wire I use to make these is so much better than that.

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