Solid, Raw Copper Bracelet Stock with FINISHED Ends - 12mm - 1/2 inch wide - 14 gauge - 100% Guarantee


This is the perfect start to a great bracelet! This wire has already been smoothed on the long edges AND short edges, you only need to JUST form and finish it! This is a STURDY 14 gauge thick which is 1.63mm thick and 1/2 inch (12mm ) wide.

Each listing is for a custom length made JUST FOR YOU from 6 to 8 inches (1.8cm - 2.4cm) long so you ONLY need to form and finish it!

Additional amounts available. This wire is Made in the USA, is Half Hard in temper and has a melt point of 1981°F (1083°C).

Questions? Send me a message and I will get right back to you with answers.

►I guarantee that the wire my customers receive will be 100% free of defects and the correct length and gauge. If there is a problem, I will send a free replacement. No questions asked! I will also send along a free self-addressed stamped envelope to return the defective coil.