3 Pairs Handmade Square Brass Ear Wires - Half Hard Temper - Non Tarnish - 100% Guarantee

SKU: SqBrassWires20/21-2

These ear wires are unique for a number of reasons!

►First, they look terrific! The solid brass wire has a clear coating that will prevent them from tarnishing.

►The wire that I use is "half hard" so they will hold their form.

►The square wire that I use lends to a unique look!

►They have classic styling and a bright gold tone so they will look great with your earring creations!

►I tuck the loop and de-burr the end so they will be comfortable to insert and will not snag.

They measure 24mm X 12mm. The "standard" size for ear wires is 20 gauge, but Square Wire is about 30% thicker.


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