Square Helm Copper and Stainless Steel Bracelet or Choker Kit - Chainmaille


This listing is for EVERYTHING you need to make this Unique Bracelet or Choker! I have included plenty  my expertly made SQUARE RAW COPPER jump rings plus my stainless steel jump rings in just the right quantities (plus spares of everything-so don't worry if you mess up a couple) plus easy to follow VIDEO instructions(see links below), plus a unique square stainless steel clasp, PLUS a unique hand crafted pewter wave charm.

This kit is appropriate for chainmaillers and/or jewelry makers because the stainless steel rings take a bit of experience and hand strength to close....but the weave is an easy one, it progresses quickly and the results are SPECTACULAR!

My jump rings are particularly easy to work with because the ends are smooth( no burs), are consistently sized with a thin slitting saw (which only removes .008" of each ring which means the ring is essentially round) and have a good temper(there is very little spring back and little force is required to correctly close them). The SQUARE rings to take a little more heft to work with so I recommend that you have two wider flat nose pliers, such as these: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66084202/next-step-wide-flat-nose-chainmaillers

The finished BRACELET will measure up to 9 inches, the CHOKER will MEASURE up to 16 inches. It has a substantial feel and everyone you show, which will be everyone you know, will readily acknowledge that you have created a fabulous bracelet or choker!

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♥Thank you MamacitaBeadworks for this fabulous charm!