Square Jens Pind Chainmail Bracelet - Stainless Steel with Copper Accented Swirl Focal

SKU: RxVpH90
This unique 20 gauge Square Jens Pind Chainmaille Bracelet features a Copper Accented Swirl Focal. It is created from square stainless steel that is 100% nickel free.

The swirl focal with copper wire wrap gives your bracelet an extra special look. You may choose to order your kit with the focal already made or order the kit with the materials and make it yourself. I'll show you how using the (downloadable or printed) step by step instructions.

Bracelet Kit (You make the focal)
Bracelet Kit (You make the focal) and Printed Instructions
Bracelet Kit with Made Focal
Kit with Made Focal and Printed Instructions
Ready Made Instructions

This Jens Pind weave is best suited for those with a bit of experience with pliers and jump rings as this weave has a small aspect ratio, the stainless steel rings take a bit more effort to close and it requires some patience! The results are spectacular and worth the effort!

►►The first few links are the hardest so if you need some help, purchase a starter tail which you will be able to use for this project and future 20 gauge square jens pind projects.

The finished bracelet will measure up to 8 1/2 inches.

INSTRUCTIONS - You Pick Printed, Instant Download pdf or none!
Select Kit w/Instructions to receive printed instructions along with your kit.

The Instant Download INSTRUCTIONS are available here

I sell my Instructions and Kits separately so that you can buy more than one kit and not have to pay for the instructions over and over.

No time to make it? I am happy to make it for you. Select "Ready Made" from the drop down menu.

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