SQUARE Rich Low Brass Wire - Made in the USA - You Pick Gauge 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26 -100% Guarantee

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This SQUARE Rich Low Brass Wire is the same great wire that I use to make my unique square brass clasps and jump rings! It is perfect for heavy duty projects. I offer three tempers including dead soft, 1/4 hard, and half hard. 

This is solid Rich Low Brass Wire and is perfect for medium - heavy duty projects. It is also known as Jewelry Grade Rich Low Bass, Merlins Gold, Nu Gold, Red Brass and Jeweler’s Bronze. You can polish it, tumble it, oxidize it or leave it to naturally develop a rich patina. This wire is not just recoiled in the USA, this is MADE in the USA. 

I carry 2 brass alloys; yellow brass and this rich low brass which has a gold tone. While this is dead soft wire, it is dead soft for brass. Brass naturally has a harder temper than many other metals. I know this is confusing so I have included a chart.

10 gauge AWG = 2.5mm
1 foot = .3 meter
*Only available in 1/4 hard

12 gauge AWG = 2.05mm
3 feet = 0.9 meter
* Only available in 1/4 hard

14 gauge = 1.63mm
4 feet = 1.21 meters
* Only available in 1/4 hard

16 gauge AWG = 1.29mm
12 feet = 3.65 meters
* Only available in 1/4 hard

18 gauge AWG = 1.02mm
21 feet = 6.4 meters
* Available in 1/4 hard and half hard (HH)

20 gauge AWG = 0.8mm
35 feet = 11 meters
* Available in dead soft (DS) and half hard

21 gauge AWG = .724mm
40 feet = 12.19 meters
* Only available in half hard

22 gauge = 0.65mm
45 feet = 13.71 meters
*Available in dead soft (DS) and half hard

24 gauge = 0.50mm
60 feet = 18.3 meters
* Only Available in dead soft (DS)

26 gauge = 0.404mm
85 feet = 26 meters
* Only Available in dead soft (DS)

CDA #230 alloy 
85% copper, 15% zinc
This wire does not contain nickel or lead.

This is Solid Rich Low Brass Wire, wire which has a lovely deep golden color. It will develop a natural patina over time, or you can bring it right back to bright with a quick dip in vinegar! This wire can be oxidized, soldered and hammered. Custom lengths, samples and additional amounts available. This wire is Made in the USA!

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►Questions? Contact me and I will get right back to you with answers.

►I guarantee that the wire you receive will be 100% free of defects and the correct length and gauge. If there is a problem, I will send a free replacement. No questions asked! I will also send along a free self-addressed stamped envelope to return the defective coil

Customer Reviews

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Excellent wire for stacking rings

I like my stacking rings to have a bold look and 12g square wire is perfect. It was nearly impossible to find 12g square wire in brass, but Creating Unkamen has it. The wire quality is excellent - and so is the customer service!

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