Swanstrom Chainmailler's Short Flat Nose Pliers

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These top of the line pliers are perfect for chainmaillers and jewelry makers who:

►Work with large gauge jump rings...16 gauge and thicker
►Work with half hard jump rings...bronze, stainless steel and half hard precious metals
►Prefer smaller handles than my Next Step Pliers.
►The short length will give you better leverage for better grip and allows your hands to be closer to the action! Many people choke up on their pliers to get close, but with these you will already be there and you will be in control.

They are Made in the USA by Swanstrom and I love mine!

Check out my YouTube Video to see exactly how I recommend prepping them and how to properly use them to open and close a jump ring:


You will find fewer nicks and your jump rings will be easier to open and close JUST RIGHT!
Also, you will be able to make wide-angled bends in wire or sheet stock, straighten or flatten metal and securely hold components.

Each listing is for ONE.
Here are the details:

►Short Flat Nose Pliers. They measure 5.5" (138mm) overall length, 1/2" (12.5mm) jaw length, .156" (4mm) tip width.

►These are forged and machine-hardened high-carbon, high-chrome alloy steel for the most durable pliers you can buy. Extremely durable and ergonomically designed, Soft-Touch™ handles are extra long, wide, textured and padded to distribute pressure across the hand, relieving the carpal tunnel pocket in the palm. Anti-glare black finish lessens eye fatigue and improves visibility. Double-leaf spring is welded in place;for durability. Knurled jaw-stop prevents over-extension of the tool and allows you to achieve the same pressure over and over again. Scrivet® joint allows you to easily adjust the joint with Torx® wrench. Fabulous!

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