Sweet Success Copper Bracelet

This Solid Copper Bracelet features a traditional chainmaille weave which has many names including helm, parallel chain and Sweet Success! We create each loop and then preciously weave this bracelet for you, one loop at a time! We feature solid copper in all components of this bracelet which will never chip or or wear out. Consider this a once in a lifetime purchase!

Select your size from the drop down and we will make this just for you. It measures 3/8" wide and a hand forged copper clasp is the perfect finishing touch!

Will this turn my skin green?
We get this question often and yes, it is possible. Each person's skin chemistry reacts to copper in different ways and there is no way to know if it will happen to you other then by wearing it. If your skin does have a reaction to the copper the green mark will easily wash away with soap and water. Continued wearing usually diminishes these effects and are related to the thoughts that some people have about copper being therapeutic.

Will this tarnish?
We also get this question often and yes, it will. This is also called a patina and is often sought after. It is the natural reaction between copper and the air. If you would like to slow the process, keep your bracelet in a zip lock when you are not wearing it. If you would like to return it to the "copper penny bright" look, just dip it in vinegar for about 1 minute, rinse in hot water and pat dry.

Would you like to not have to bother with the patina or skin discoloration? We can seal this for you. We charge $35 and allow an extra week as we hand apply the sealant and allow it to dry.

Would you like it to look aged right away? We can do that too. We charge $20 for the process and allow an extra week for us to make it look antique for you.

Questions? Contact us and we will get right back to you with answers.