Swirly Ear Cuff - Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold Filled, 14kt Rose Gold Filled

This lovely custom crafted ear cuff is the answer if you love the look of cartilage piercings, but don't really want to add a new hole to you ear! I make this from your favorite precious metals.

This listing is for ONE ear cuff in your pick of these precious metals:

Sterling Silver
Argentium Sterling Silver
14kt Yellow Gold Filled
14kt Rose Gold Filled

It is made to fit comfortably on most ears, left or right side, just flip it over!
It is easy to customize the fit - squeeze the ends together or pull them apart gently to make the cuff comfortable and secure for you.

♥I can also make these in niobium, brass, bronze, copper, titanium and in custom diameters and gauges to fit your piercings perfectly! Contact me!