Wooden Ring Clamp - My Pick for Wire Working - Wire Sample Included


I am frequently asked for advice in selecting a tool to help with wire working; this is it! This Wooden Ring Clamp will allow you to quickly and easily work with multiple strands of wire. But, that is not all - this is a great multi-purpose tool! This is made from solid kiln dried hardwood so it will not crack or warp. It is non marring as it has leather grips to hold hard enough to get the job done, but soft enough to not damage your piece. It measure 6 inches long and

Here is what you can do with this great tool:

-Hold multiple strands of wire when braiding and wire working
-Securely hold rings while setting stones
-Prevent hand cramps by firmly holding various pieces while filing, forming
-Clamp pieces together for gluing

I am including a sample of my wire so you can get working right away!

See this in action in my Circlet Tutorial which is shown in the 3rd photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTGtNFBqEEg&list=UUv8W2ApHlD371FRiT6rtHrw&index=4

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