Wubbers Wire Looping Pliers - 1350

SKU: Wubs-Looping-1

These Wire Looping Pliers are perfect for jewelry artisans who want consistent loops and wraps, less metal marring and the great Wubbers name! These are Wire Looping Pliers that feature a unique 2.3mm tip design.

Check out my YouTube Video to see exactly how I recommend prepping them and how to properly use them to open and close a jump ring:


When you are ready to address hand fatigue, consider my Deluxe Cushioned Plier Grips. These are not "hobby - grade" grips but professional ones made specifically for people that have to work with pliers all day. They are made from heavy - duty PVC and are latex free so they will last and not irritate anyone with a latex allergy (like my wife - these work well for her).

I am frequently asked about sore hands, fatigue and even numbness. Of course, discuss these symptoms with your family physician, take frequent breaks and use good ergonomics when working with pliers.

Overall length: 6 1/2-inches with 29mm jaw length and 2.3mm tip width

Recommended Use: 20 and 22 gauge soft wire. 

~~**FREE Sample Pack of Wire Included**~~