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You PICK 5 Pairs of Simple Anodized Niobium Ear Wires - Anodized AFTER Cutting and Forming - Top Shelf - Hypo Allergenic

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These colorful Niobium Ear Wires are perfect for your special earring creations! AND, these are cut and formed and THEN anodized so the ends have color too and the color is consistent throughout, not faded at the curves. 

Niobium is a rare inert metal so it is hypoallergenic and terrific for sensitive ears. It is available anodized in the following colors.

Bright Purple
Steel Blue
Dark Blue
Vintage Bronze
Yellow Brass
Natural Silver

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Niobium(Nb) is named after Niobe, daughter of Tantalus. Ore reserves are found in Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, Zaire and Russia. Nb is used in pure and alloyed form in superconductors, sodium vapor lamps(street lights), rocket boosters and JEWERLY!

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