Featured Customers of the Week: Michele Price & Lynn Powers of DevilMayCareDesigns!

Featured Customers of the Week: Michele Price & Lynn Powers of DevilMayCareDesigns!

Two sisters, Michele Price & Lynn Powers of Devil May Care Designs, have joined creative forces to open one of the most interesting jewelry & accessories shops around!  Read on to find out more:


"Michele is a seamstress extraordinaire. In the past she used her talents to create customized Wiccan clothing and products. Currently, she is focusing on sewing gorgeous chokers, cuffs, colors & all things fabric! Her design themes are Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Goth & Romantic. Her creative visions hit her fast & within 1 day she has made a fabric accessory that is amazing, unique & beautiful.



Michele recently relocated to New Orleans from Arizona where she has lived all of her life. Our life long goal has always been for the two to live closer together. Her courageous travelers, son Sebastian & daughter Scarlet are now experiencing the wonders & magic of The Big Easy. They live 10 minutes away from her sister & her husband. Their relationship has always been a loving, deep, committed one. Upon arrival, it became abundantly clear that not only did their personalities mesh, but also their different creative paths. Hence their shop, Devil May Care Design.



Lynn was born in New England, and upon adulthood, continued to move further south to escape the cold. Adapting well to the friendly & cordial southern customs, her designated home is now New Orleans. Her constant companions are Mike her husband, Wasabi & Atticus her Great Danes & her fearless cat L.K. (Little Kitten). Lynn has explored many creative endeavors throughout her life. Her careers have included working for nonprofit family museums, establishing a children's film festival, nonprofit environmental activist organization, freelance writing & web design. She discovered that with her various artistic abilities in many mediums that jewelry design and creation.



After trying many career paths & working in many different art mediums, Lynn finally found her true calling: jewelry designer & creator. She does not have dedicated themes. Lynn's inspirations come from found objects and whatever strikes her fancy! Therefore, you never know what you will find in this shop!"


Check out their Etsy shop to enjoy the eclectic and entertaining collection they have created :-)

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