Best Tips to Tackle Tarnishing on Sterling Silver

Best Tips to Tackle Tarnishing on Sterling Silver

Best Tips to Tackle Sterling Silver Tarnish

Many believe that tarnish is an inevitable part of owning silver items but we are here to help with tips and tricks to stop/slow down the process.

Cleaning: It is normal for sterling silver to require cleaning, in fact, once a month or so is typical although this varies with the wearer as well as the chemistry in the air around the metal.
We recommend keeping it in an air tight bag when you are not wearing it such as our Anti-Tarnish Bags. .The best aspect about solid sterling silver is that you can clean it over and over and it will never wear out or chip.


Our Sunshine Polishing Cloths are perfect to tuck in your purse, tote or niche in your workspace! Keep one handy so you can quickly and easily polish most any metal. These are safe for polishing all solid metals. We always recommend being careful with plated and coated metals. It is possible to polish the plating/coating away. Test in an inconspicuous spot first. Tarnish prevention is preferred if possible and we recommend keeping jewelry in a plastic bag when not being worn.



The best way to seal your sterling silver is Renaissance Wax! This is what we use to seal our hand made jewelry and custom findings against tarnish or further oxidization. It will also provide a protective barrier against rust, moisture damage and abrasion. Renaissance Wax can be used on the following materials:
wood, leather, parchment, most metals, stone, gems, glass, bone, plastics, porcelain, and more!



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