100 Custom Handmade Niobium Jump Rings - in Metallic Mix in Your Choice of Gauge and Diameter


These Custom Handmade Niobium Jump Rings are perfect for your special jewelry creations! This listing is for 100 Metallic Mix Jump Rings! Niobium is a rare inert metal so it is hypoallergenic and terrific for sensitive skin. Through years of working with niobium we have learned how to make the widest range of colors that are vibrant and durable. Our jump rings are also nearly seamless when correctly closed.

The colored niobium is still 100% niobium...the color is not a coating. We run an electrical current through the niobium which changes the way light bounces off of them. The refraction of the light is the color you see. The chemical composition and it's hypo allergenic nature is not changed at all. They do not contain nickel or lead.

Traditional Metallic Mix (Natural Silver, Vintage Bronze, Black and Yellow Brass)
Modern Metallic Mix (Rose Gold, Old Gold, Lichen and Black

14 gauge
16 gauge
18 gauge
20 gauge

3mm ID (Inside Diameter)
3.75mm ID
4mm ID
4.5mm ID
4.8mm ID
5mm ID
6mm ID
6.8mm ID
7mm ID
8mm ID
9.5mm ID
10mm ID
11mm ID
12mm ID

Size Sampler - a mix of sizes

If you would like another size or gauge, just tell us. We can make them!

►Like to learn a little more?
Niobium(Nb) is named after Niobe, daughter of Tantalus. Ore reserves are found in Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, Zaire and Russia. Nb is used in pure and alloyed form in superconductors, sodium vapor lamps(street lights), rocket boosters and JEWELRY!

Materials: anodized 20 gauge niobium wire, does not contain nickel or lead, made in the usa.

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