Featured Customer of the Week - Alyssa Alaimo!

Featured Customer of the Week - Alyssa Alaimo!

This weeks featured customer is Alyssa Alaimo of Asquared12 and PullTabExpressions9! Alyssa's creative take towards recycled materials is fun and stylish and we always love seeing what she comes up with next! Here is the artist, in her own words:



"I've been obsessed with the environment since I was in the 7th grade after hearing a story about a boy and his family that were environmentalist. He had a pull tab belt and a laundry detergent container book bag. Thus, the idea was born, the seed of an idea, making my first belt in high school, to now.

I make and sell products using pull tabs. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, but unfortuantely they all end up in the same place, a landfill. If they are not properly recycled they can end up there, so I am trying to prevent that. I make different products such as belts, bracelets, purses etc.It is just a small effort to save our environment. We are first generation humans and I would hope that we can continue to live and thrive on this planet.


I love to recycle and if I can share my passion with someone and then make a small difference in the world, that makes me really happy. I enjoy what I do and it is a great way to relieve stress from college. (:

I love to make unique items and to stand out from the crowd, hopefully you think my items are on that path too. I try my very best to be as green as possible. My family and I are very green and we support anything made in the USA and by independent artists. "



Check out more of Alyssa's colorful work in this Etsy shop and for more pull tab pieces look in her Etsy shop and think about saving those pull tabs, as she takes donations!

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