Slide, Sleep and Switch - New Ear Wires

Slide, Sleep and Switch - New Ear Wires

I am frequently asked about interchangeable ear wires and I am happy to offer three great options. Interchangeable ear wires allow you to have a top quality material in your ear, but lets you change out the dangles to fit fashion trends, reduce potential irritation from taking ear wires in and out as well as save money! 

The first style, Slide,was designed to fit large hole beads such as Pandora, Biagi and Dione

The next style, Switch, was designed to accommodate dangles, beads and charms that are on a jump ring, wrapped head pins or wrapped eye pins.

The last style is called Sleep, because they were designed to be put in, leave in and sleep with them in They also called Sleepers.

My daughter has also posted a YouTube Video about them!

I am able to make any of these in a variety of materials such as Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold Filled and Stainless Steel, but also enjoy working with customers to create unique ear wires for their designs!


  • this is so clever! Wish I’d thought of it myself! Great video, too!

    Linda Weeks on

  • very nice!!! I need some sleep ones.

    victoria barton on

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