Featured Customer of the Week: Kimberly Ann Hart of Blackmaille

Featured Customer of the Week: Kimberly Ann Hart of Blackmaille

This weeks featured customer is Kimberly Ann Hart of xblackmaille and monsterkookies on Etsy!
Here is what our featured artist says, in her own words:


"Hi! My name is Kimberly, and I run Blackmaille chainmaille - it's not real big, mainly just a little hobby that I turned into a side venture (I also sculpt under the name Monster Kookies), but I wanted to show you guys something.

It was quite a while back, but I purchased some of your premium top shelf scales and I was extremely impressed with the difference between your scales and the regular run of the mill scales that you can buy anywhere. I finally got around to taking photos of the comparison. I just want people to see how much of a difference there is! I will only be buying your scales from now on. What beauties!"
Thank you Kimberly! We love the premium scales too:-)
Kimberly loves to create and makes beautiful chainmaille and sculpted clay pieces. She lives in a little town in Ontario, Canada with her partner in crime and mountains of clay and jump rings! Kimberly's work has been featured in numerous magazines, as well as tempting visitors in several museum gift shops(not to mention all of us on Etsy!) Her favorite material to work in besides clay is aluminum, because it is so light and comes is a lovely range of colors. She especially loves to make Full Persian and Inca Puno chains!
Besides following her childhood dream of being an artist, Kimberly also helps out by using sales to raise money for her little town as well as for Food Banks Canada and the Canadian Mental Health Association.
Check out all of Kimberly's beautiful creations, and then head on over to our scales to pick up some of your own and see the difference!

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