Featured Customer of the Week: Gwen of SilverWrapture!

Featured Customer of the Week: Gwen of SilverWrapture!

This week we are featuring Gwen of SilverWrapture! She makes stunning and creative chainmaille pieces!

Here is the artist, in her own words:-)



"Since I was young I've done all kinds of 'handwork'.

My interest in Jewelry, as a wearer and now a creator, is long standing. I hold a DIAMOND Certificate from GIA and have taken jewelry repair and watch making classes to help satisfy my interest.


A few years ago I took a class in Wire Wrapping and began making the jewelry you see in my shop. Recently I've expanded to doing Chain Maille and some glass bead work. There is great pleasure in seeing my ideas become real whether it is a ring, bracelet, earrings or wrapping a stone for a pendant."


Check out her Facebook page for more pictures of her beautiful creations!

Gwen has been a loyal customer of ours for 3 years and I think has tried at least one of every kit we come up with :-)

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