Featured Customer of the Week - Erika of Kiira Kreations!

Featured Customer of the Week - Erika of Kiira Kreations!

This week we are featuring Erika of Kiira Kreations and her stunning chainmaille work! Erika has been using jump rings to fuel her creativity for a while now and we all love what she makes! Here is the artist in her own words:



"Hi, I'm Erika "Kiira" Doss. I'm a 43 year old wife and mother of 2 boys. In my spare time....Oh wait, what is spare time? Do I actually ever have any of that? Ok, so in the amount of time I goof off to do something for myself to stay sane, I make chainmaille jewelry.



Chainmaille is the ancient art of weaving metal rings one at a time in interlocking rows to create something; in days of old, it was generally used for armor; nowadays, it's used for many things, including jewelry. There are hundreds of different weaves, with more being created all the time. I first got into jewelry about 5 years ago. At first I did beadwork, utilizing mostly natural gemstones. I met a guy who made chainmaille bikini's and a little bit of jewelry here and there. I asked him to make a few items for me. The items he made for me weren't what I expected, so I decided to try and learn to make maille myself. I bought a book, 2 pair of pliers and a bunch of rings and sat down to teach myself chainmaille. I found out I liked it far more than beading and started to make maille exclusively."



Check out all of Erika's lovely pieces in her Etsy shop, she has a ton of cute earrings listed!

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