Featured Customer of the Week - Marika Wolf of MarikasSugarFree!

Featured Customer of the Week - Marika Wolf of MarikasSugarFree!

This week we are featuring Markia Wolf of MarikasSugarFree! We all love Markia's fabulous beading! See what she has to say about her work and her love of clasps!



"There is nothing sweet about my bold jewelry designs.  I use only quality natural materials and unique beads from around the world.My lifetime love for the beauty of natural gems, crystals, and precious metals has led me to this place in my life.  
Deep within me an inner creative drive lives, and I've discovered that jewelry is my medium. I'm drawn by the limitless beautiful possibilities that the beads present to me. 
Evoking an emotional reaction or feeling with each piece is my goal.



OK, I admit it, I am obsessed with jewelry clasps. I use the best products to create my jewelry designs, including jewelry clasps. I have been on a mission to find the best clasps to add value to my designs. I have a graveyard of discarded clasps. And then I finally discovered the perfect clasps through Ralph Helmich, (your Etsy site address). These clasps are understated, yet the workmanship and material is obviously exceptional. These clasps do not interfere with my designs--they simply enhance my designs. I cannot believe I finally found the perfect clasps!"



See more of Marika's work here in her Etsy shop!

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