How to Finish Leather Cord with Wire

How to Finish Leather Cord with Wire

We are often asked what the best way to finish leather cord is, or how to do it. Well, today I will show you two different methods!


The first style is a simple wire wrapped fold over loop. I prefer to use half round wire for this style of end, but you could use round wire if desired. This tutorial was made with 2mm leather cord and 18 gauge half round wire.



  1. Start by folding your leather in half about 1 inch from the end of the cord.
  2. Cut a 5 inch length of half round wire so that you have plenty to work with and thread it through the loop of leather, short end closest to you.
  3. Wrap the short end of wire up and over the leather, making a loop with the wire around the top of the leather loop.
  4. Wrap the long end of the wire towards you and around both cords so the short end is left between the two cords and the long end makes a full wrap.
  5. Snug the wrap down with a gentle squeeze with a pair of flat nose pliers. You should do this after each wrap.
  6. Continue wrapping your long end until you reach the desired length of wrapping, usually 4-5 full wraps. Try to end your wrap on the opposite side as the short end.
  7. Pull the long end in between the two cords, being careful not to twist it, keeping it snug to the wraps above it. Now the two ends of wire should be on the same side.
  8. Cut both ends off as close to the cords as you can with a pair of flush cutters. 
  9. Tuck the ends down snugly so there is nothing to catch hair or clothing on, and you are all set!
  10. The is what the other side of the wrap looks like finished.


The second style is a coiled cord end that is very versatile and can replace store-bought cord ends! I only use round wire for this style, thought you could use square wire if you wanted. I used 20 gauge wire with 2mm cord for this tutorial.



  1. You will need to cut a 6 inch piece of wire so that you have plenty to work with. You will also need a pair of looping pliers that have a diameter close to the diameter of the leather cord you are working with. This is a 2.2mm looping plier I have to use with my 2mm leather. The same diameter or slightly larger is ideal.
  2. Start by looping from the very end of the wire around the plier. Wrap the wire so that the end overlaps, starting a coil.
  3. Continue to coil your wire until you have the desired length, 6-8 full coils.
  4. With the long end of the wire, make another loop about 1/4 of an inch from the coils. 
  5. Wrap the loop as close to the coils as you can, should be two wraps.
  6. Cut the remaining tail of wire from the two loops and finish wrapping them into place directly over the coil. This is a cord end!
  7. Now to attach it to the leather! Slide the cord end onto a cleanly cut piece of leather cord.
  8. Using a pair of flat or chain nose pliers, crimp the bottom-most coil snugly down, crimping the leather cord in place.
  9. This is a view of the finished cord end attached to the leather cord.

And there you go! Two different, yet secure and stylish ways to finish your leather cord necklaces and bracelets.


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