Testing Out Byzantine Chainmaille

Testing Out Byzantine Chainmaille

I am frequently asked to check out weaves in various materials and gauges - here is what I most recently tested out - Byzantine - one of the most popular weaves in my workshop! It is usually the first chainmaille weave that I recommend to new chainmaillers. Here I have Purple Aluminum in 12 gauge 8mm ID (also sold in my store as 12 gauge 12mm OD) which works out perfectly if you use 3 connector rings. In Black and Green Enameled Copper I have 16 gauge 4.5mm ID. I have made this up into a Byzantine Variation called Byzantine Rose - notice the green jump rings are mobius weave. In chunky 14 gauge Non Tarnish Copper, I also show Byzantine Rose. These jump rings are 6mm ID. Last, I have 2 Square Byzantine segments in Solid Copper; 18 gauge 4.25mm ID and 16 gauge 5.5mm ID.


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