10 Twisted Round Sterling Silver Jump Rings - 11 Sizes in 14, 16, 18 and 21 gauge - Shiny, Antique or Black Finish


These Twisted Round Sterling Silver Jump Rings, are perfect for special jewelry creations. We hand craft these jump rings from solid precious metals Made in the USA! These jump rings are perfect for earrings, necklaces and bracelets! This listing is for 10 jump rings in our most popular gauges and diameters or Buy in Bulk and Save! Also, select from shiny sterling silver, antique sterling silver or black sterling silver- all 925.

21 gauge 1.4mm ID - 3mm OD
21 gauge 3.4mm ID - 5mm OD
21 gauge 4.4mm ID - 6mm OD
21 gauge 5.8mm ID - 7mm OD
18 gauge 3.5mm ID - 5.5mm OD
18 gauge 5mm ID - 7mm OD
18 gauge 6mm ID - 8mm OD
16 gauge 4mm ID - 6.6mm OD
16 gauge 8mm ID - 10. 6mm OD
16 gauge 10mm ID - 12.6mm OD
14 gauge 10mm ID - 13.3mm OD

ID = Inside Diameter
OD = Outside Diameter

21 gauge = .7mm
18 gauge = 1mm
16 gauge = 1.29mm
14 gauge = 1.63mm

Choose Sterling Silver for a bright, shiny traditional look.
Choose Antique Sterling Silver for a vintage look with light and dark accents.
Choose Black Sterling Silver for a modern look with an overall dark grey/light black tone.

We create these by twisting 2 strands of Round wire together and then proceed to create these jump rings from that twisted wire. We use a .008" slitting saw so when they are properly closed they will appear nearly SEAMLESS! They are tumbled, washed and hand inspected.

The wire that we use to make these Jump Rings is made in the USA and does not contain nickel or lead.

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Materials: wire that is made in the usa, does not contain nickel or lead, sterling silver.

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