100 Handmade Rose Pink Enameled Jump Rings - 18, 20, 22 or 24 gauge You Pick Diameter - 100% Guarantee


These custom handmade non-tarnishing silvered rose pink jump rings are perfect for chainmaille artisans and all jewelry artisans who are looking for something better than what is available commercially! These jump rings are available to you in 18, 20, 22 or 24 gauge and a large variety of diameters

These jump rings are a wonderful weight because the base metal is copper. First they are silver plated and then the Rose Pink color is applied. They have a clear coating baked on to prevent tarnishing! They are handmade by us to our exacting specifications!

Each listing is for 100 jump rings.

24 gauge = 0.51mm
22 gauge = 0.6mm
20 gauge = 0.8mm
18 gauge = 1mm

24 gauge 1.5mm ID (Inside Diameter)
22 gauge 1.5mm ID
22 gauge 2.4mm ID
22 gauge 3mm ID
20 gauge 1.5mm ID
20 gauge 3mm ID
20 gauge 4mm ID
20 gauge 5mm ID
20 gauge 6mm ID
20 gauge 10mm ID
18 gauge 1.5mm ID
18 gauge 3mm ID
18 gauge 3.75mm ID
18 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 5mm ID
18 gauge 5.5mm ID
18 gauge 6mm ID
18 gauge 7mm ID
18 gauge 8mm ID
18 gauge 9mm ID
18 gauge 10mm ID
18 gauge 11mm ID
18 gauge 12mm ID
18 gauge 13mm ID
18 gauge 15mm ID
Size Mix - A Variety of Gauges and Diameters

3mm ID = 5mm OD
3.75mm ID = 5.75mm OD
4mm ID = 6mm OD

~~18 gauge 3mm is ideal for small linking rings and to weave Jens Pind chains.

~~ 18 gauge 3.75mm is a perfect size for Byzantine, Barrel Weave, 2-into-2 chainmaille weaves and is also a good size to connect charms and small pendants.

~~ 18 gauge 4mm is great for more open versions of 2-into-2, European 4-in-1, and mobius flowers.

~~ 18 gauge 7mm ID works with 18 gauge 3.75mm ID to make Linked Loops and Helm Chain

~~ 18 gauge 8mm ID makes wonderful Eternity Earrings

~~ 20 gauge 3mm ID is a great size to hold small drops and charm

~~ 20 gauge 4mm ID makes an open European 4-in-1

~~22 gauge 3mm ID is perfect for holding our shaggy beads

They are handmade from beautiful Non-tarnishing Silvered Rose Artistic Wire (color may vary depending on gauge/batch). They are wound on a mandrel and saw cut with 0.008" rotary slitting saw blade-this means that only a very small amount of the ring is removed which gives you a nice round ring with a very smooth parallel cut.

Next they are tumble washed with detergent and hot water and dried at low temperature; each are hand inspected. Special tools are not required to work with these! We damage 1% on average when making chainmaille.

We love making chainmaille, but were unable to purchase jump rings that met our standards, so we invested in the equipment and started making them ourselves and we love them! The weight is substantial and our customers love the feel when they pick up the products.

We handcraft a wide variety of quality enameled coated copper jump rings in every color made. Let us know what you need.

►We guarantee the products our customers receive will be 100% free of defects . If there is a problem, we will send a free replacement. No questions asked! We will also send along a free self-addressed stamped envelope to return the defective product.

Questions? Please contact us.

Materials: made in the usa, does not contain nickel or lead, saw cut, handmade rose pink jump rings.

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Just like Mary Poppins, 'Practically perfe...

Just like Mary Poppins, 'Practically perfect in every way'!!

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5 stars review from Diane

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5 stars review from Fiona

Fiona J.
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5 stars review from Fiona

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5 stars review from Andy

Andy M.
5 stars review from Andy

5 stars review from Andy

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I love everything I purchase from this shop! Super fast shipping and unique selection! Always inspires my creativity! Thank you! <3