Deluxe Silver Filled Jump Ring Sample - 1/4 ounce Square, Fancy and Round Links - Shiny or Antique


This Deluxe Silver Filled Jump Rings Sampler is made from our custom handmade Silver Filled jump rings in round, square and fancy links. These jump rings are a perfect for to have a little of this and a little of that. We know it is sometimes much easier to make a creation if you have a variety of jump rings right on hand.

These rings are FABULOUS because they are handmade by us to our exacting specifications for our personal use. You will receive approximately 20-40 jump rings; all silver filled jump rings in a VARIETY of gauges, diameters and styles! We usually have a few rings left over from every order of rings that we make so we have gathered them together and are offering them to you at great savings! This listing is for 1/4 ounce ( 7 grams).

Silver Filled
Antique Silver Filled

They are made from Round and Square Silver Filled Wire. They are wound on customs mandrels and saw cut with 0.008" rotary slitting saw blade-this means that only a very small amount of the ring is removed which gives you a nice round ring with a very smooth parallel cut. Next they are tumbled with steel shot, washed with detergent and hot water and dried at low temperature; each ring is hand inspected.

►PREFER a different quantity? Great! Let us know and we will make a sample pack just for you!


-meets the same legal requirement of "gold filled" as it is 10% sterling silver which is bonded to a white brass core...this is 30x's thicker than any silver plate
-it is half hard and will work harden
-the white brass core is barely noticeable when you look at an open ring-picture 2, and not noticeable at all when properly closed...and "heals" to a good degree when cut with cutters as in picture 1
-tarnishes, oxidized, polishes just like sterling silver
-can be hammered, soldered, textured
-has the identical look and feel of sterling silver
-is HALF the price of sterling silver
-is Made in the USA

We have been looking for alternatives to solid sterling silver every since the prices soared. We offer several; stainless steel, fine silver with a copper core....and now Silver Filled!

We have tried OTHER Silver Filled wire and found them to have: visible copper core, soft, thin coating, inconsistent sizing, fragile

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Materials: Silver filled.

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