Neon Silicone Jump Rings YOU Pick Color and Size


These NEON Silicone Jump Rings are going to make your jewelry creations POP with color! These jump rings are flexible and versatile and match Neon Swarovski Pearls as seen in the third photo. These jump rings are made from soft non-latex silicone.

They are perfect for customers with latex several family members! They do not irritate their skin at all. These jump rings can be used in conjunction with open jump rings or fold them and you can connect them to each other!

Pick the Size:
1.5mm OD (0.5mm ID) 24 gauge 1000 count
3mm OD (2mm ID) 24 gauge 1000 count
5mm OD (3mm ID) 19 gauge 100 count
7mm OD (3mm ID) 12 gauge 100 count
9mm OD (5mm ID) 12 gauge 100 count
10mm OD (6mm ID 12 gauge 100 count
12mm OD (8mm ID) 12 gauge 50 count
15mm OD (10mm ID) 10 gauge 50 count
Knitters Special: 25 EACH of 7mm, 9mm, 10mm and 12mm - Neon Colors

OD = Outside Diameter
ID - Inside Diameter

Pick the Neon Color:
Neon Blue
Neon Pink
Neon Yellow
Neon Orange
Neon Green
Neon Color Mix

~All Mixes are a Random Mix, not an even number of all of the colors. Contact us if your project requires specific counts.

Materials: silicone jump rings.

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