PDF Millipede Chainmaille Bracelet Tutorial - His and Hers


Skill Level:

Time Required to Complete:
2 hours 20 minutes for both bracelets

Supplies Needed:
40 - 18 gauge 6mm ID SQ Silver Filled Rings
170 - 22 gauge 3mm ID 14kt Gold Filled Rings
2 - 16 gauge 5mm ID Silver Filled Rings
1 - 16mm X 7mm SQ Sterling Lobster Clasp

40 - 14 gauge 7.2mm ID SQ Brass Rings
170 - 20 gauge 4mm ID Stainless Steel Rings
2 - 16 gauge 5mm ID Stainless Steel Rings
1 - 16mm X 10mm SQ Stainless Steel Lobster Clasp

This listing is for our expert instructions for Millipede Chainmaille. You will learn the Millipede Weave, plus ring counts and size recommendations! You will receive full color pages of instructions.

Through years of experiments we have found the perfect AR for these classic weaves. They look great and fit right.
Making our own mandrels to get the jump rings just right. Check!
Ensuring each of our hand crafted jump rings fit seamless. Check!
When it comes to our chainmaille creations, it has to be perfect. We will not settle for less.

One for him and one for her! We have updated this classic chainmaille bracelet by using square rings, doubling up the jump rings and mixing several of our favorite metals; stainless steel and brass for the guys and silver filled and 14kt gold filled for the ladies!

Men's: The finished bracelet will MEASURE just under 1/2 inch wide (11mm), up to 9 1/2 inches long (24cm). It has a substantial feel, will last forever and everyone you show, which will be everyone you know, will readily acknowledge that you have created a fabulous bracelet! It features a stainless steel lobster clasp.

Women's: The finished bracelet will MEASURE 1/3 inch wire (8mm), up to 8 1/2 inches long (21.5cm). It has a sturdy feel, will last forever and you will want to show it off to everyone you know! It features a sterling silver lobster clasp.

This bracelet is best suited for those with a bit of experience with pliers and jump rings as this pattern require more finesse and strength to close properly. The results are SPECTACULAR and worth the effort!

Materials: pdf instructions.

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