100 Anodized Titanium Jump Rings in 14, 16, 18, 20 or 22 Gauge, You Pick the Size and Color


This listing is for 100 Solid Anodized Titanium jump rings in 14, 16, 18, 20 or 22 gauge and a wide variety of diameters. These are our handcrafted rings which can be used in chainmaille, jewelry designs and even used for piercings! If your preferred size isn't listed contact us. These will arrive freshly tumbled and custom anodized for you!

Choose the gauge and diameter to suit your project:
22 gauge 3mm ID
20 gauge 3mm ID (Inside Diameter)
20 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 3mm ID
18 gauge 3.75mm ID
18 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 5mm ID
18 gauge 6mm ID
18 gauge 7mm ID
18 gauge 8mm ID
16 gauge 4.5mm ID
16 gauge 6mm ID
14 gauge 4.8mm ID
14 gauge 6mm ID
Size Mix (a variety of gauges and sizes)

20 gauge = 0.8mm
18 gauge = 1mm
16 gauge = 1.29mm
14 gauge = 1.63mm

Your Choice
Natural Silver
Vintage Bronze
Dark Blue
Medium Blue
Bright Blue
Steel Blue
Silver Blue
Yellow Brass
Old Gold
Rose Gold
Rose Pink
Purple Pink
Dark Purple
Bright Purple
Blue Purple
Peacock Rainbow
(Black is NOT available)

We use pure surgical titanium that is engineered for us, not surplus metal, so these rings will have consistent temper and color.

The rings photographed are in the Color Mix, which is equal amounts of each color. Peacock Rainbow is multiple colors per ring.

Titanium is an inert metal and therefor hypoallergenic; recommended even for the most sensitive skin! The TITANIUM we use is Custom drawn Commercially Pure Grade #1 Titanium specially acid cleaned for jewelry applications. ( ASTM-F67 rating which is: Standard Specification for Unalloyed Titanium, for Surgical Implant Applications (UNS R50250, UNS R50400, UNS R50550, UNS R50700)

Materials: Titanium.

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