100 Black Iron Jump Rings - Oxidized and Oiled- You Pick Gauge and Diameter


These Black Iron jump rings are perfect for jewelry artisans who are looking for something better than what is available commercially. This listing is for 100 jump rings in the gauge and ID (inside diameter) of your choice.

You Pick:
23 gauge 3mm ID
21 gauge 3mm ID
21 gauge 4mm ID
19 gauge 4mm ID
19 gauge 5mm ID
19 gauge 6mm ID
18 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 5mm ID
18 gauge 7mm ID
18 gauge 8mm ID
17 gauge 13mm ID
14 gauge 4.8mm ID
14 gauge 6mm ID
14 gauge 10mm ID
14 gauge 11mm ID
14 gauge 13mm ID
14 gauge 15mm ID
12 gauge 10mm ID
12 gauge 14mm ID
12 gauge 15mm ID
10 gauge 15mm ID
10 gauge 17mm ID
Size Sampler
Or, we can custom make these in most ANY diameter. Contact us with your requirements.

We custom make these jump rings from oxidized and oiled BLACK IRON wire using a custom mandrel. They are hand saw cut with a 0.008" rotary slitting saw blade-this means that only a very small amount of the ring is removed which gives you a nice round ring with a very smooth parallel cut.

They are washed, tumbled and inspected.

Materials: made in the usa, does not contain nickel or lead, black iron wire.

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