100 Jump Rings 18 gauge 9mm OD - Best Commercially Made - Silver Plate, Gold Plate, Antique Gold or Mix- 100% Guarantee


These 18 gauge 9mm OD (outside diameter) Jump Rings are just perfect for so many jewelry and craft projects. These jump rings are a large size and we have a nice selection of finishes and mixes for you!

Each listing is for 100 jump rings or Buy in Bulk and Save!

Silver Plate
Gold Plate
Antique Gold
Mix - Some of each - its so handy to have a variety of hand!

♥These are the best commercially made rings we have found. Here is why we like them:

The base metal is brass so they have a nice weight and feel AND they are strong.
They do not contain nickel or lead and we spot check them to make sure. They have always tested 100%.
The Silver Plate and Gold Plate and have a lightweight coating that will keep them bright and shiny in their bags for years.
Price! They are a great value.

♥So, what is the downside?

Gauge and diameter may vary from batch to batch and occasionally ring to ring.
These are machine made, so there will be a small notch at the joint and the joint is not parallel. A large blade is used to cut them which results in a large KURF. what's that? Think of that pile of saw dust under a table saw. Same thing happens when jump rings are cut. The kurf is the portion of the jump ring that is removed/lost and turned into metal dust. This can change the shape of the ring and contribute to a joint that will not close 100%.
Sizes and finishes are limited.

18 gauge = 1mm
9mm OD = 7mm ID

Questions? Contact us and we will be right back with answers.

Materials: best commercially made jump rings, does not contain nickel or lead, plated brass jump rings.

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