Any Length 14kt Gold Filled Paperclip Chain Necklace - 1.9mm, 3.1mm, or 3.8mm Long Oval Links - Custom Finished Lengths or By The Foot Chain


This 14kt Gold Filled Paperclip Chain is a lovely choice to use for a special necklace creation or charm bracelet! This chain has a smooth feel, is made from 14-karat gold-filled, the links are soldered, and it is Made in the USA. Choose to purchase this chain by the foot or finished with matching 14kt gold filled clasp.

1.9mm - (Each link is 4.8mm X 1.9mm, with an Inside Diameter of 3.38mm X 1.09mm, 27 gauge)
3.1mm - (Each link is 8.41mm X 3.1mm, with an Inside Diameter of 5.99mm X 1.5mm, 21 gauge)
3.8mm - (Each link is 12.09mm X 3.8mm, with an Inside Diameter of 9.78mm X 1.88mm, 19 gauge)

By The Foot
6 Inches Finished
6.5 Inches Finished
7 Inches Finished
7.5 Inches Finished
8 Inches Finished
8.5 Inches Finished
16 Inches Finished
18 Inches Finished
20 Inches Finished
22 Inches Finished
24 Inches Finished
26 Inches Finished
30 Inches Finished
36 Inches Finished

Would you like a length that is not listed? No problem - Message Us!

Materials: 14kt gold filled, does not contain nickel or lead.

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