Best Copper and Bronze Wire Solder - 18 gauge - Near Perfect Color Match


This listing is for 1 foot, 3 feet or 10 feet of "easy" copper solder. This is the solder we use to make nearly seamless joints when we solder our COPPER and BRONZE jump rings. With a little practice, you will have trouble finding your joints too! This will blend almost perfectly with COPPER and BRONZE creations so you don't have a silver joint....AND it will be a strong joint!

You just cut a teeny bit of this solder for each joint, so a little goes a long ways!

The melting flow point is 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit (733 Celsius) . You need a torch to use this solder, a soldering iron is NOT hot enough.

30% Silver
39% Copper
31% Zinc

This is milled in the USA, and does not contain nickel or lead.

Questions? Contact us.

Materials: copper solder, does not contain nickel or lead.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly L. (Portland, United States)
It does match

In the pictures, you can see the solder is very silver. My first review was negative of this particular product. However, once it sits for just a tiny bit, and the copper begins to oxidize for whatever reason the solder oxidize along with it, and you can barely see it. It is much better than a silver solder you’re trying to hide and it is a very good match to copper, but you have to wait just a day for it to oxidize, for your brain to forget that it was silver and then when you go back to it, you’ll be like where is my seam?