Pure Titanium Wire - Specific for Jewelry Surgical Grade 1 - You Pick Gauge 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 - 100% Guarantee


This listing is for Pure Titanium Wire. This is the same great wire we use to make our custom jump rings and findings. We rate this wire 1/4 hard in temper. As you see pictured here, this wire has an even medium-grey tone and a matte finish, but will tumble to a high shine and work harden nicely.

12 gauge 1 foot
14 gauge 3 feet
16 gauge 4 feet
18 gauge 5 feet
20 gauge 20 feet
22 gauge 25 feet
24 gauge 30 feet
26 gauge 35 feet
28 gauge 40 feet
30 gauge 50 feet
32 gauge 60 feet

Titanium is an inert metal and therefore hypoallergenic; recommended even for the most sensitive skin. This is not an alloy. The Titanium we use is Custom drawn 99.6% Commercially Pure Grade #1 Titanium, specially acid cleaned for jewelry applications. (ASTM-F67 rating which is: Standard Specification for Unalloyed Titanium, for Surgical Implant Applications (UNS R50250, UNS R50400, UNS R50550, UNS R50700)

You will need to tumble your creations after you make them if you wish them to be shiny. We use mixed shape steel shot and burnishing solution and tumble them for several days.

This wire is made to the highest standards and will have even tone, temper and strength.

We guarantee that the wire our customers receive will be 100% free of defects and the correct length and gauge. If there is a problem, we will send a free replacement. No questions asked. We will also send along a free self-addressed stamped envelope to return the defective coil

Materials: does not contain nickel or lead, Grade 1 Titanium Wire.

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