How to Wire Wrap a Bead

How to Wire Wrap a Bead

This weeks tip is on how to properly make a wire wrapped loop bead dangle.

You will need:

1 bead

1 headpin

A pair of round nose or small looping pliers

A pair of flat nose pliers

A pair of flush cutters



1. Pick a bead and a headpin to make your dangle with.

2. Thread the bead onto the headpin and slide it down so it sits right above the bottom of the pin.

3. Make a right angle bend about 1/16th inch from the top of the bead, using the chain nose pliers.

4. Next, take the round nose pliers and wrap a small loop with the long end of the headpin, making sure the wire overlaps fully at the bottom of the loop.

5. Holding the loop in the flat nose pliers, continue to wrap the long end of the wire around, making a tidy wrap right above the bead.

6. Once your wrapping touches the top of the bead, use the flush cutter to trim the remaining tail of wire, as close to the wrap as possible. Now make sure that the cut end of your wire is tucked down with the chain nose pliers, to minimize snagging.


  • thank you..sorry to be so dumb….you helped alot!! I ;pve beads etc..just can’t get started!! my current 👀’interest is leather..truly not fickled!!🤣

    Josie(jzmin) on

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