Featured Customer of the Week - Gerlinde Langer of Sphaerae Vitae

Featured Customer of the Week - Gerlinde Langer of Sphaerae Vitae

This week we are featuring Gerlinde Langer of Sphaerae Vitae! Gerlinde makes beautiful and creative chainmaille jewelry for every occasion.

Here is the artist, in her own words:

"When I discovered the age-old techniques of chainmaille jewelry making in 2010, it was love at first sight! 
Something simply struck a chord with me. . .

Weaving together hundreds of tiny jump rings asks for patience and diligence. I love the almost meditative process of opening and closing the single rings, and time and time again it gives me immense satisfaction to see and touch a new lasting piece of jewelry emerging in my hands.

For my label, I chose the name Sphaerae Vitae - an expression used in Greek as well as Latin language for spheres or "Circles Of Life" representing the material shape I use in my designs, as well as holding dear memories of a happy time in my life - meaningful, personal and unique.

At Sphaerae Vitae, I love to take the traditional chainmaille techniques and weaves from the past into contemporary settings, coming up with new combinations of materials and colors, as well as fresh designs of my own.

My customers repeatedly tell me how much they appreciate the sleek feel and uniquely intriguing look of my jewelry. 

The bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings can be worn easily from day into evening - just perfect for everyday wear and simply stunning for special occasions! "


Check out all of Gerlinde's work at her website, her Etsy shop, or her Facebook page!

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