Featured Customer of the Week: Jozefina of Mountain Rose Jewelry

Featured Customer of the Week: Jozefina of Mountain Rose Jewelry

This week we are featuring Jozefina of Mountain Rose Jewelry!

She makes stunning gemstone jewelry in many different styles and has a great eye for color!



Here is the artist in her own words:

"I worked in an office job in Prague for over 10 years, then my 2 kids were born and I moved from Prague to the country of Southern Bohemia where my husband comes from. Being at home with kids, I started to make jewelry. I have always loved stones and beads and have crafted something from time to time before but when I started to make gemstone jewelry to sell I watched many tutorials, bought piles of books and my tool box is now almost larger than that of my husband :-). Selling to friends and to friends friends was quite promising so I opened and Etsy shop first, now I am also running too local on line stores, one in the Czech republic and the other one in Slovakia. Gold filled wire are not that known in this part of the world so in fact, my jewelry using your gold filled and even argentium wires is quite unique here.


I also took part at a pre-Christmas Boutique market in Prague for the first time this year and I definitely want to do more of this in-person selling in future and also work on the social media more. If only I had a bit more time for that, taking care of two small kids :-)

As for the jewelry I make: gemstones or pearls are in every piece of my jewelry, either combined with quality wire, leather or beaded."



Check Jozefina and all of her beautiful work out at her Etsy shop or her Facebook page!

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