Featured Customer of the Week - Maureen Frey!

Featured Customer of the Week - Maureen Frey!


This week we are featuring Maureen Frey of Maureen's Own Creations! She makes jewelry as well as sewing, sculpting and generally having creative fun! Here is Maureen's story, in her own words:


"I have spent most of my life working with many kinds of materials making hand made arts and crafts, from Seamstress work, to Jewelry, to Clay work, and much more, and I truly enjoy seeing my ideas become my finished work. I got started by only working out of my home, selling my work by word of mouth, then I had a chance to began selling at the fairs, and I did well. A year later I opened my shop and started to sell here on Etsy as well. I make polyclay figurines and scenes; jewelry; and more. All work is individually hand crafted, with out the use of molds in my work, and I am happy to take custom orders. I strive to give my very best in all my work, so it can be truly enjoyed by others."



Check out Maureen's Etsy shop for more whimsical clay creations, elegant jewelry, and even a prom dress! 

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