Featured Customer of the Week - Marcia Healey of MarciaHDesigns!

Featured Customer of the Week - Marcia Healey of MarciaHDesigns!

This week we are featuring Marcia Healey of MarciaHDesigns! Marcia makes wonderfully sparkly jewelry using a creative mixture of chainmaille, wire wrapping and crystals! Check out what she has to say:


"I love creating jewelry and I feel so lucky that I am able to work full time doing what I love. I grew up in a “crafty” home where my mom taught me and my sisters how to sew, knit, embroider etc. We even took ceramic classes together and made those famous ceramic Christmas trees! We would go to craft shows and wait all day to sell one item! 
I have always enjoyed being creative but have never had enough time to devote to any one craft. After working in the banking industry for 13 years, raising two children and working in my town school administration office for another 13 years I decided to explore my passion for creating. That was a year and a half ago and I must say I absolutely love what I do!


I am self-taught and I continue to learn every day. I am thrilled that people like my jewelry and that I have had sales in 32 states and 3 countries in my first 6 months! I have a map in my “sweatshop” (our former sunroom) and when I sell a piece of jewelry I put a pin in the state! 

I love working with wire and shaping it into something original and incorporating beads, crystals, sea glass or gemstones into my design. I have also enjoyed learning the art of chainmaille and adding some bling to the bracelets I make. The possibilities are endless which keeps me very busy. 

Satisfying my clients is what’s most important to me and I am humbled by the reviews I have received.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy looking at my shop and find something you love."




Check out all of Marcia's beautiful creations in her Etsy shop!

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